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Do you know how to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation? Are you familiar with the countless functions in Excel? Do you need help building a website?  Do you know how to prioritize tasks and effectively utilize a planner?

We do. And we can teach you any and all of these things.

Being successful involves many different aspects, and being organized and managing time in the most efficient way are crucial to success.  Unlike those algorithms that will take you far, those coding skills that will get you your dream job, your excellent creative writing skills, or your knack for biology, time management, planning, and organization aren’t taught in school.  They also aren’t skills that come naturally to many, so there’s no shame in feeling lost when it comes to navigating these waters.

That’s where we come in, and we’re serious about your success. Contact us today so that we can put you on the path that will take you to where you need to be.

Saturdays + Book Recommendations


Saturdays don’t have to be unproductive! Whether you’re reading for school, for professional development, to enhance your vocabulary (or study for the GRE), for self-improvement, or for fun, reading is a great way to make use of your free time. And the more you engage in reading, the more fun it becomes and the less task-like it feels. For more tips on how to read in the most effective, efficient way, contact Conley Success Services today. Your first consultation is always free!

Here are some of our Winter 2018 Recommendations:

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, which I’m rereading (on my Kindle) for the nth time, is a book everyone should read in his or her lifetime. It’s a modern classic that explores the pursuit of happiness in America, filled with comedic moments, thought-provoking concepts, and questions about contemporary American life.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, which draws from history to explore how to yield power, defend yourself against power, or to simply understand. I’ve read it before but it’s been a while, and I highly recommend this book to upperclassmen undergraduates who plan on joining the workforce soon. It’s also a great read for anyone in the professional world wanting to advance in his or her career.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values by Robert M. Pirsig is a book I was first introduced to by my father, who is (to say the least) a motorcycle aficionado. While the book is about a cross country motorcycle trip across the Northwest United States, it’s deeply philosophical and explores questions such as the meaning of our existence. Ultimately, it’s a book that will make you want to live a better life.

Merriam-Webster’s Vocabulary Builder by Mary Wood Cornog is a book I’d recommend to anybody and everybody. Okay okay, I get it; a vocabulary builder? I fully understand that it doesn’t sound the least bit interesting (unless you’re an etymologist), but this book is approachable, fun, and will monumentally change the way you speak, write, and communicate. It’s divided into units that are about 20 pages each (and this is a small paperback-size book) with families of words that share morphemes (like prefixes and suffixes). There are quizzes and lots of additional information (like references to Greek mythology) that further help with learning these words. Again, contact Conley Success Services to learn how Dannica, our founder, utilized this book to get a perfect score on the verbal and written parts of the GRE!


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I Earned My First A

Fall 2017 I started my junior year of college and felt pretty stressed out before my classes even started. I was involved in three campus clubs, working part-time, and taking 16 credit hours. I’d never gotten an A in college and felt like I was always doing things at the last minute, forgetting to complete homework, cramming for tests, and producing mediocre work. My friend told me about Conley Success Services and initially I was hesitant. I scheduled the free session though and, upon meeting Dannica, felt really at ease. When she explained the services and what she would do to help me with my schedule, schoolwork, and everything else, I knew this was something I needed. I opted for the mid-level package and it was very affordable. With Conley Success Services I ended the semester with almost all A’s. I cannot emphasize how wonderful this company is and how much they’ve helped me.

The Art of Organization

What if doing well in school or succeeding at work was as simple as learning how to organize? By organize I don’t mean color-coordinate or clean up your email folders … I am referring to a specific service that the professionals at Conley Success Services are experts in executing. Looking at your personal schedule, Conley Success Services creates a tailor-made schedule specific to you.

Are you tired of procrastinating?

Are you tired of turning work in late?

Are you tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and weighed down by your schedule and life demands?

Contact Conley Success Services today! We are working right now to help others like you map their way to a successful, worry-free life.

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It’s Just Coffee

Did you know your first appointment with Conley Success Services is FREE? If you’re unsure or simply don’t know what you need, contact us today to schedule a meeting. One of our professionals will meet you for coffee, tea, or your choice to discuss our services and where they can take you.

Don’t let the unknown stop you from contacting us! It’s just coffee and we’re happy to talk and figure out which service is best for you.

*Free initial consultation is up to one hour.

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