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I Earned My First A

Fall 2017 I started my junior year of college and felt pretty stressed out before my classes even started. I was involved in three campus clubs, working part-time, and taking 16 credit hours. I’d never gotten an A in college and felt like I was always doing things at the last minute, forgetting to complete homework, cramming for tests, and producing mediocre work. My friend told me about Conley Success Services and initially I was hesitant. I scheduled the free session though and, upon meeting Dannica, felt really at ease. When she explained the services and what she would do to help me with my schedule, schoolwork, and everything else, I knew this was something I needed. I opted for the mid-level package and it was very affordable. With Conley Success Services I ended the semester with almost all A’s. I cannot emphasize how wonderful this company is and how much they’ve helped me.