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Bronze Package: Individualized calendar/schedule created with class syllabi and reading materials, using the student’s preferred online calendar or app. This service uses syllabi timelines and readings combined with your outside commitments, to generate an optimal schedule.

Silver Package: Bronze package + reminders/alerts (via text, email, or calendar) for upcoming deadlines on papers, projects, exams, and other important assignments.

Gold Package: Silver package + unlimited changes to schedule/calendar as needed, based on changes in schedule, new commitments, travel, or falling behind on assignments. Additionally, weekly “to do” lists are added.

Platinum Package: Gold package + a hard copy planner/calendar and unlimited weekday access to Conley Success Services professionals for questions and assistance. 


Writing AssistanceHelp with essays and research papers, which includes developing a thesis, an outline, and proofreading for grammatical errors and incorrectly used words. 

Study Guide HelpCreating study guides in a desired format (flashcards, PowerPoint, Quizlet, etc.) based off of class notes, readings, lecture slides, etc.  

PowerPoint 101Assistance with using PowerPoint and help creating professional-looking presentations. Additionally, students can practice presentations so they are comfortable when it comes time to present. 

Underclassmen ConsultationAvailable for freshmen and sophomores unsure about their next steps, this service assists students in narrowing down their interests to select a major and decide on a future career.

Upperclassmen ConsultationAvailable for junior and seniors, this service assists students in learning the ins and outs of searching for a career OR guides students through the process of researching graduate school options, deciding where to apply, requesting letters of recommendation, and can aid students in developing their statements of purpose.  


Personal Assistant Service: For busy parents, young professionals, or anyone who needs a little extra help, this service primarily provides individuals with a customized calendar, along with “to do” lists, delegating tasks to others, and more.

Life Coaching: When you feel overwhelmed, lost, or confused about your direction in life, I am here to talk you through to the clearing on the other side. Whether it’s about problems at work, relationship struggles, feeling lost in your identity, or something else, I can assist you in working through your struggles, developing helpful strategies to cope, and mapping out a smoother road to your happy future.

Professional Academic Services + Life Coaching